These are our dreamers. Small business owners who had a dream and took the steps to make it come true. Whether clients or business partners of KYD, we love to see our family succeed.

Jessee Porter headshot.jpg

Jessee Porter left her job in Corporate America in October 2017. Working those long hours as a salaried manager was tough on her life at home. She missed her fiance', daughter, friends, and family because she wasn't able to attend events on weekends or be home to tuck in her daughter. While she was pregnant with daughter #2 (dealing with some unfortunate complications), she was told "If you can't perform your job 100%, you'll have to leave." So, she left.. That is where Mile High began. With her determination to be with her children and love for customer service, she built a business around positive customer service while being at home.  She loves horses, singing, dancing, working out, sports, art, music, camping, shooting, games, and trying new things.  Jessee has an Associate in Business Administration and Science. Most of her experience is in Higher Education, which she truly believes in. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and received her Master of Business Administration in June 2015.  She is also certified as an Expert VA and VA Insider!